Frigidaire 13 SEER, 8.0 HSPF FT4BD Heat Pump

The FT4BD series of air-source heat pumps provides exceptional 13-SEER, 8.0 HSPF, efficiency when paired with our air handlers or coils. If you are looking for an upgrade from an old, inefficient HVAC system – this budget-friendly unit could be the right choice.

Frigidaire up to 15 SEER, 8.5 HSPF FT4BE Heat Pump

It’s always best practice to buy the most efficient heating and cooling system you can afford. The FT4BE, when paired with our engineered coils or air handlers, offers efficient 14 SEER, 7.7 HSPF performance. However, for an extra efficiency kick, you can pair this unit with an indoor unit that has an energy-efficient motor and enjoy up to 15 SEER and 8.5 HSPF.



Frigidaire up to 16 SEER, 9 HSPF FT4BF Heat Pump

Two-Stage Heating and Cooling For more consistent temperatures, this heat pump operates in two stages. In addition, two-stage operation means you can enjoy increased dehumidification capabilities.

Frigidaire up to 19 SEER, 10 HSPF iQ Drive® Heat Pump

The FT4BG iQ Drive heat pump reaches extraordinarily high levels of energy efficiency, overall home comfort and performance power. With iQ Drive technology, this unit provides ultra-quiet sound levels and efficient performance.

Frigidaire up to 22 SEER, 10 HSPF iQ Drive® Heat Pump

The award-winning Frigidaire FT4BI iQ Drive series of heat pumps offers industry-leading efficiency, comfort and performance. In fact, this unit has been named aConsumers Digest Best Buy. Energy-efficient performance can help you save energy and, in turn, help lower your heating and cooling costs month to month.

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