Frigidaire 13 SEER FS4BD Air Conditioner

The FS4BD air conditioner model is reliable and offers 13-SEER cooling when matched with a proper coil. Exceptional quality is assured through the use of numerous quality checks at the factory and the use of durable construction materials.

Frigidaire up to 15 SEER FS4BE Air Conditioner

Exceptional performance comes standard with the FS4BE series of air conditioners. If you pair this model with select air handlers or quality engineered coils, this unit can achieve high-efficiency up to 15-SEER cooling – when you pair this model with an air handler or gas furnace that includes an energy-efficient motor.

Frigidaire up to 16 SEER FS4BF Air Conditioner

The two-stage cooling operation of the FS4BF series of air conditioners leads to more consistent temperatures, increased dehumidification capabilities and higher energy efficiency. When you correctly pair this air conditioner with the right air handler or coil, you can expect up to 16-SEER cooling – well above minimum efficiency. Work with your contractor to have a quality system installed in your home.

Frigidaire 20-SEER, iQ Drive® Air Conditioner

Homeowners looking to significantly shave money off of their monthly utility bills should go with the FS4BG, 20-SEER iQ Drive air conditioner. Not only will homeowners who select this system enjoy energy-saving operation, but premium home comfort levels and minimum operating noises. Ask your contractor whether the 20-SEER iQ Drive air conditioner is right for your home.

Frigidaire, up to 25.5 SEER, iQ Drive® Air Conditioner

The efficiency levels achieved by the FS4BI are truly outstanding. The technology employed in this smart unit is award winning. It has been named a Best Buy byConsumers Digest magazine.


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